Come Join us!

  1. New athletes must register with Special Olympics of Northern California (SONC) in order to participate. Visit their website HERE. There is no cost to athletes for participation.

  2. Complete our EBSS registration HERE

  3. Please bring proof of your medical clearance to the first practice

Your First Practice

  • Once registered with SONC, you are welcome to join your first practice

  • Identify yourself (or you and your athlete) to one of the adult leaders on deck at practice.

  • The athlete will be paired with a coach volunteer at the appropriate skill level and will begin in either the shallow skills pool, or the deeper, more advanced lap pool depending upon your athlete's comfort and abilities. Some athletes jump in and swim multiple laps; others may debate even getting in the water, and success for the day may be just getting in. Either way is okay; everyone is accommodated.

Our goals for the athlete are:

  • Make the athlete comfortable in the water.

  • Provide an opportunity for robust physical activity for the athlete.

  • Provide a valuable social experience for the athlete

  • Develop aquatic skills of the athlete over time.