Sea Serpents is an organization that is run 100% by volunteers.   We are almost always looking for student volunteers (14 or older)  who are motivated, enthusiastic, compassionate, and have a basic proficiency in the four swimming strokes.   

Getting Registered as a Volunteer:

  1. Everyone must complete the new Sea Serpent registration HERE.

  2. Everyone must complete a volunteer form ("Class A" volunteer) with Special Olympics Northern California (SONC). You can find the form at . This is a SONC requirement, as they oversee our Sea Serpents team. Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older. Those younger than 14 may attend only with a parent/guardian who is registered as a Class A volunteer.

  3. Part of applying for registered status is an online general orientation. Everyone must complete the general orientation as outlined on the SONC website. Additional requirements for adults (18+) are outlined on the SONC site as well.(via the same link above)

  4. Please bring a copy of the SONC volunteer approval letter (you will receive by mail or email) to your first practice, and provide it to one of the EBSS adult leaders.

Important Coach Volunteer Checklist:

  • Please arrive with your swim suit on, and ready to get in the water for each session.

  • Please arrive at 3:45 for each practice session.

  • Special Olympics office requires us to maintain an attendance log, so please make sure to sign in with an EBSS adult leader on deck.

  • Coaches are expected to help with pulling covers and lane lines before and after practice when necessary. This will take up to 10 minutes at the most

  • Our special needs athletes thrive on your enthusiasm and energy. While you are on deck or in the pool, we need you to be 100% engaged with the athletes. Expect to be in the water for the full hour.

  • Our athletes thrive on consistency. For this reason, we request that if you make a commitment to the Sea Serpents program for a season, we ask that you can commit to 70% of the practices. For the spring session, attendance at the May qualifier meet in Oakland is mandatory.