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Making Donations to EBSS

The East Bay Sea Serpents program is run under, and generally funded by Special Olympics Northern California's community sports programs.   The "official" swim season for SONC is in the spring, for which they fully fund the pool rental time.

For many years, we have also run a fall program for many years.   Several years ago, SONC cut funding for fall swim programs, but the Sea Serpents continue to run a self-funded fall program.  The majority of the cost is pool rental time from the school district.

Additionally, funds are used for equipment such as swim caps, goggles, floatation devices for our athletes.   A small percentage of funds go to administrative costs such as website/email hosting. 

Your donation is not tax deductible.   East Bay Sea Serpents is not currently registered as a 501(c)3.  Tax deductible donations may be made directly to SONC, but they cannot "earmark" the funds for EBSS.